New Age White Lilac Is a Fresh Update on a Classic Shrub

New Age White Lilac Is a Fresh Update on a Classic Shrub: It is recommended that you utilize a New Age White Lilac to fill in any little spaces that may exist in your yard. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and fragrant, this flowering shrub is certain to be a favorite among pollinators.


New Age White Lilac Is a Fresh Update on a Classic Shrub

New Age White Lilac Benefits

It is time to celebrate if you are a fan of lilacs and you have a couple of tiny outdoor spots that are exposed to full sunlight. In order to provide a more compact form of a well-liked garden standard, the New Age White lilac cultivar has also been officially introduced.

You will want to take a deep breath and take in the delicious perfume of this white lilac, which is praised for its lovely aroma and its capacity to survive in modest garden settings. During the springtime, the clusters of bright white flowers that it produces surely put on a show. In the same way that you can cut the blooms of other species of lilacs, you can also use them to make nice arrangements.


When it comes to pruning lilacs, there are several expert suggestions that you should follow. When compared to the common white lilac, also known as Syringa vulgaris var. alba, which can grow to a height and width of roughly 10 to 12 feet, the New Age White cultivar can only reach a maximum height and width of approximately 4 to 5 feet.

The fact that New Age is resistant to mildew is an additional benefit for those who are involved in gardening.

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Care and Growing Tips

Identifier: New Age A frequent name for this plant is white lilac. Syringa vulgaris ‘G13103’ is the scientific name according to which it is known. There are four to seven zones. Within a range of four to five feet in both height and width Light can only be brought about by full sun. Bees, butterflies, and birds are all drawn to it for their own reasons.

Whether you choose to cultivate this small shrub in a sunny spot with soil that drains well or by growing it in a large container, you can make it your primary focal point. Because wildlife will excitedly visit this plant, it is recommended that you select a spot where you can view pollinators flying past. Animals will visit this plant with great enthusiasm.


There are 10 dwarf flowering shrubs that are perfect for growing in containers, and you should have a look at them. To ensure that your lilac continues to produce blossoms year after year, it is essential to prune it as soon as the petals begin to fade. This will ensure that it continues to produce flowers.

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