10 Behaviours or Habits That’s an Automatic Green Flag According to Men 

Admitting When You’re Wrong

Being modest is one of the nicest attributes a woman can have, and knowing when you're wrong makes it even better. Many men say past relationships with selfish people have soured them on new partners.

10 Behaviours or Habits That’s an Automatic Green Flag According to Men

Giving Space When Needed

Balance in a relationship is crucial, and men occasionally need distance. “When I was dating my now-wife, she understood the importance of my ‘me days’ — days in which I wasn't at work but needed time to myself,” says one man. 

Being Nice to Service Worker

Although there are no laws on how to treat service workers, most men like when their partners treat bartenders and servers well. Whether it's a hefty tip or being kind, men appreciate a little kindness!

Enjoying Moments Privately

When everyone seems to be obsessed to publicizing their lives on social media, a person who can appreciate a quiet life can be a green sign.

Removing Her Phone From Sight

Many guys say the best women keep their phones away on dates. Not having a cell phone shows that a lady is mature enough to deal with real-life difficulties instead of social media. The bottom line is common courtesy.

Knowing How To Find Value in Failure

Men often regret partnerships with women who didn't value mistakes. One man says, “So many people are so averse to failing.” Not just failing, but claiming ‘not care.’


Men admire humble women regardless of riches, intelligence, or fame! Humbleness is a sign of maturity, and many men who value it in themselves regard it in others as the cherry on top of a beautiful relationship.

Has Cooking Skill

Who can blame men for wanting a kitchen-savvy woman? “Judge me all you want, but I look for women who have great kitchen skills,” says one male.

Enjoys Reading Book

Despite no scientific evidence, many males believe book-reading women are smarter. In the end, men prefer smart-looking women. Who wouldn't want to know a reader?

Open Communication

Men want to communicate openly with their partners in 2023, not play mind games or “read between the lines.” Clear communication may make or break a relationship!

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