10 Jewel-Toned Nail Ideas for Color Enthusiasts 


There's something about the deep red color of garnet that makes us think of the holidays. With a glossy finish and a beige base, this color makes for beautiful nail art. Life On Mars ($15) by Cirque Colors will give you the same look.


We're crazy about how this manicure is a fire-and-ice moment with the bright sapphire and the flames. Start with a light pink base and add Mooncat's House of Hades ($15) in a flame pattern on top.


Like glazed donut nails? Welcome to opal nails, the next big thing. With cloudy-blue iridescence, this manicure set resembles the jewel. Top white polish with Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Special Effects Top Coat in Unicorn ($8) for a similar appearance.


As long as people wear nails, emerald green will always be in style. We love it for fall manicures. Anna, who made this set, used Mooncat's Beowulf ($13), a dark green polish that looks like emeralds.


You'll love this purple manicure whether you were born in February or just like the way amethyst makes you feel. Because the pattern is a mix of watercolor and ombré, this set looks almost exactly like the stone.


Are you interested in making a unique impression with your manicure? Consider using a topaz tone. We can't help but drool over this appealing set, which features a yellow-orange color and dewdrop accents that are maximalist in nature.


People who know about quartz already know that it's a cloudy-clear gem that is often compared to diamonds. This unique nail art design looks like crystals and would look great on anyone. It has a shimmering sheen and big pieces.


When we saw this amazing manicure in aquamarine, we knew we had to copy it right away. The star features add a fun touch to the airbrush-inspired design, which we love.


The color morganite doesn't get enough attention, in our opinion. If you like soft pink nails, you should definitely get this morganite-colored set. When you go to the spa next, show this pretty design to the person who does your nails.


We believe that a ruby-red polish is beautiful throughout the year, despite the fact that it may bring to mind the holiday season. Goldie Red Nail Polish by Gucci, which costs $33, was used to make this stunning set.

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