10 Mediterranean Diet Desserts to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth


This cake has sugar, but it uses heart-healthy olive oil instead of butter. It keeps the cake moist for days and is a Mediterranean staple.

Orange Flower Olive Oil Cake

Avocado makes this chocolatey, creamy, dairy-free treat plant-based. It tastes nothing like a vegetable, in case you're wondering.

Avocado Chocolate Mousse

We'll let you roast peaches with less sugar. (Ripe, in-season fruit should be sweet enough to not impact taste.

Peaches-and-cream Ice Pop

A simpler dessert doesn’t exist. FYI, we think seeded watermelons have more flavor, but if you don’t want to deal with removing them, just use a seedless melon.

One-ingredient Watermelon Sorbet

Any pear will work, although Bosc and Anjou pears keep their shape best in the oven. We also think this dish would be great with apples.

Baked Pears With Maple Syrup And Almond Crumble

Rose petals are optional, cocoa-maple glaze is not. The entire treat is sugar-free.

No-bake, Gluten-free Rose Petal Brownie

A cookie that is loaded with nutritious components such as banana and nut butter as well as other ingredients? Restrain our heart, please.

Aran Goyoaga’s Peanut Butter–banana Cookie

Because YOLO, these pears are marinated in a complete bottle of rosé for a long period of time.

Rosé Poached Pears With Ginger And Vanilla

Why ice cream when you have thick, creamy spiced pumpkin yogurt? Top parfaits with dark chocolate chips, roasted nuts, or whatever inspires you.

Minute Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Parfait

Pour your chosen fruit over whatever you like after simmering. Starting with Greek yogurt.

Easy Fruit Compote

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