10 of the Ugliest Cities in the World According to Travelers 

Tijuana, Mexico

Although just a few miles from San Diego, California, Tijuana is nothing like its sister city. Tijuana lacks the funds to restore its infrastructure and look due to increased crime, homelessness, and gang violence. 

Norilsk, Russia

It's not a surprise that a Russian mining town with a lot of pollution is on our list of the world's ugliest places. It sounds like it's not only ugly, but also very dangerous to be there. 

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, the most polluted city in the world, is miserable and unsightly to live in, let alone visit. The city is plagued by crumbling pavement, abandoned buildings, and chain link fences. Jakarta is unsightly.

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Some cities never progress visually past their industrial beginnings, like one of the UK's oldest. “It's in the industrial heart of the country, so it's a very historic and important city, but a lot of it has remained unchanged from the Industrial Revolution.

Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell, an eerie mix of '80s kitsch and '90s strip malls, lacks beauty. The city has accepted its tourist-trap roots, so local leaders don't worry about looking beautiful when the money rolls in. 

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is rundown, abandoned, and unattractive despite its beautiful pyramids. “I lived there, and while the pyramids are cool, it's an ugly city,” says a former resident.

Ludwigshafen, Germany

Ludwigshafen knows is ugly and markets it to tourists! Many Ludwigshafen tour operators offer "ugly city tours," focused on downtown's ugliest.

Kanpur, India

Travelers can be convinced of a city's uglyness with one review. This traveler is forever changed by Kanpur, India. “I drove through it once and couldn't get over how ugly it was,” said one woman.

Los Angeles, California

Even worse, most visitors are surprised by Los Angeles' ugliness! Many L.A. landmarks are in bad neighborhoods. Since most tourists leave after viewing Los Angeles' poverty, local officials have failed to fund beautifying efforts in popular neighborhoods!

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Even though Atlantic City boasts plenty of entertainment, music, and activities, you could draw a line down its main strip. Beautiful casinos border the street, while urban blight rules the other. 

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