10 Pretty Pictures of Roses From Home Gardeners 

I captured these rose photos after a summer storm, says Birds & Blooms reader Teresa Cipperly. Love these blooms.  

Raindrops on Rose

I snapped this Jackson-Perkins yellow rose in our summer garden. Amazing rainy-day beauty, comments Dan Davidson Sr. of Woodbridge, Virginia.  

Yellow Glow

This pink rose opened with another bud on a sunny day. This is my backyard shot. A small rose, yet exquisite. “I noticed!” says Diane Howe.  

Pretty Pink Rosebud

My mother has the best garden. No rewards, contests, or magazines have featured her. She gardens for fun.   

White Rose Picture

This is my mom's Mechanicsville, Virginia backyard rose. Every spring, we wait for the perfect photo. Color variation pleases us.  

Breathtaking Beauty

Cherry Parfait rose shrub. Probably the most stunning rose I've seen. I got lucky the sun didn't damage my photo.  

Cherry Parfait Rose

I like capturing shots in my garden after a light summer shower. I took this photo of this rose with rainfall in my yard.  

Pictures of Red Rose

This stunning photograph of a Peace rose that was taken in Suzanne Alexander's garden was provided by her.  

Peaceful Garden Scene

This photo of a giant rosebush bloom in my mom's yard is one of my favorites. This rose has gorgeous color.   

Fragrant Rose

Our very own rose bed in Seneca Falls, New York, is the source of this stunning rose that is pink and orange in color, as stated by Denise Moore.  

Sunset Color

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