10 Problems Only Smart People Have Ranked 


Smart people often overanalyze and think carefully about events and decisions, causing analysis paralysis. This can prevent decision-making and action because to fear of making the wrong choice. 

Social Anxiety

Smart people often struggle with social anxiety. It can cause feeling out of place in gatherings, trouble making friends, and intimidation. Because they have different interests and ideals than their classmates, intelligent people may feel out of place.


Smart people with social anxiety typically struggle with perfectionism, which sets unfair expectations for oneself and others, makes it hard to let go of mistakes, and makes it hard to reach high standards. 

Feeling Intimidated By Other

Smart people may also feel intimidated by more socially skilled people, causing inferiority and self-doubt that worsens social anxiety. They may also struggle to compare themselves to others, making them feel insecure and inadequate when socializing.

Loneliness And Isolation

Isolation and separation are often associated with loneliness. This could mean not having close friends or family to help you, feeling like no one understands your challenges, or not fitting in with society's expectations of how we should live.

Being Sensitive To Criticism

Smart people internalize criticism and perceive it as a sign of their skill. They may experience thus when the criticism is unjust or unconstructive.

Fear Of Success

Even smart people might fear success. They believe they won't meet expectations if they succeed. Past criticism, doubt, or feeling inadequate might cause this. 

Being Too Self-Critical

Some intellectual people's self-criticism can affect their mental and emotional wellbeing. They can grow discouraged and depressed if they criticize themselves for tiny faults

Fear Of Failure

Some smart people are crippled by failure phobia. They may have high standards because they were praised for their accomplishments. They may place great pressure on themselves to satisfy these expectations and fear the consequences of failing. 

Comparing Themselves To Other

Comparing themselves to others, especially when they think they're less successful than someone they know, might lower self-esteem in smart people. This can make them feel inadequate, leading to envy and inadequacy. 

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