10 Things Men Notice First in a Woman. Did You Know? 


When a guy meets a woman for the first time, the eyes are the first thing that he looks at. Men are often interested in the woman behind those eyes because of their shape, size, and color.


Smiles are one of the first things guys notice. A beautiful grin is charming. You don't need braces to have a lover, but taking care of your teeth (and maybe whitening them) may make someone fall in love with your smile.


Men are crazy about healthy, gorgeous hair. If you have brunette, blonde, curly, straight, or short hair, your man will be satisfied as long as it suits your features.


Men see the difference between a woman who works to have nice skin and one who doesn't. Luckily, it's simple: clean and moisturize your skin.


Being selective about what you wear will get you recognized, even if you don't buy the latest trend. Some days call for sweatpants, but others need dressing to impress.You never know who you'll meet today.


Don't lean or slump in public; it makes you look less sure of yourself and less focused. Men will want to get to know a woman better if she walks and acts like she's sure of herself.


To get a man's attention, you don't need lips like Kylie Jenner's. A smile and pretty lips are enough to make any man want to be with you. Don't put on too much lipstick, and watch how eager a guy is to see your lips when you smile or kiss him.

Dance moves 

Sure, this one might not come up while you're just going down the street, but men always watch women dance and rock out to the music. When you go to the club again, show him how good you are at dancing.


The only thing that is required to attract guys to notice you walking is a little bit of self-assurance and the ability to put one foot in front of the other. If you want to attract more attention, walk with good posture.


Do you bring your entire closet? Or always ready for anything? Maybe you just need your phone and money before leaving the house. To determine your character, he will examine your purse.

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