10 Top Reasons Why Americans Get Divorced in 2023 

Marital Infidelity

Different couples react differently to marital infidelity. Some couples are more “open” to extramarital relationships. However, extramarital affairs usually lead to bruised sentiments, lost trust, and irreconcilable conflicts. 

Financial Disagreement

Any marriage has disagreements or incompatibility. Personal finance is one of the most important. Financial stress can cause a lot of conflict. 

Weight Gain

It may appear to be an improbable factor that can influence the rate of divorce from time to time. It is true that when one spouse puts on a substantial amount of weight, it can have a number of various effects on the relationship, including the following aspects:

Lack of Intimacy

We've all heard jokes about the “honeymoon” time of a marriage, which might involve frequent physical intimacy. Partners may grow distant and less intimate over time. When spouses feel less close, they may consider divorce.

Lack of Equality

If lack of closeness can cause divorce, inequality is another major concern.What does this mean? Resentment can result if one partner feels that they do most of the housework or contribute the most to the family's bottom line.

Lack of Preparation

There is no quick answer, but some spouses are more prepared for marriage than others. Those who enter marriage with unrealistic expectations or misleading impressions of marriage are at increased risk of divorce.

Poor Communication

Many of these divorce factors stem from miscommunication. Without good communication, spouses may experience resentment, irritation, or mismatched expectations.


There are many kinds of addiction. We usually think of drug and alcohol abuse when we hear the word "addiction." But sex, pornography, or gambling addiction can be just as bad for a marriage.


Repeated spousal violence is the biggest reason to divorce.Physical abuse can put a spouse's life in danger. Patterns of verbal or financial abuse can also corrode a marriage and warrant divorce.

Difference in Religion

According to Pew Research, 69% of married persons say their partner shares their religion. Marriage does not require the same faith, but it does increase the likelihood of shared ideals. 

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