10 US Cities With the Highest Cost of Living 


The most expensive place in the United States is Manhattan, which is in New York place. About 1.7 million of the 8.5 million people who live in New York City do so in Manhattan.


The city of Honolulu is the second most expensive home in the United States. A little more than one million people were expected to live in the metropolis on the island by the United States Census Bureau.

San Francisco

Daily, people depart San Francisco. July 2022 saw the city's population just over 815,000. As expected, the city's exorbitant cost of living and home prices have broken the bank. 


This is the second time that Brooklyn, New York City, has made the list of the most expensive towns in the United States. A lot of people know this area for its hippie scene and famous places like Coney Island and Prospect Park.

Washington, D.C.

Being home to the world's most powerful nation raises Washington, D.C.'s cost of living. Federal agencies, think tanks, lobbying firms, and tourism generate government and private-sector jobs in the city.

Orange County, CA

Thinking of Orange County? Living here will put you among 3.2 million others. Remember that Fortune 500 corporations and celebrities are concentrated here. It also has some of the nation's top surfing waters.

Los Angele

LA is known for its wealthy, gorgeous movie stars, although the film and television business plays a minor share in its thriving economy. Since Los Angeles has one of the world's busiest ports, the maritime industry also contributes. 


About 655,000 individuals live in Boston. Massachusetts' health care and food costs are 16% and 12% higher than the national average.


Seattle is America's most popular Pacific northwest city. The birthplace of grunge and Starbucks are its most famous features. Around 734,000 live here. The median household income is $97,185.

Oakland, CA

Oakland is easily accessible from San Francisco and San Jose. About 434,000 people live there. While Oakland isn't as pricey as Orange County, property prices are still high. Zillow reported values over $981,000.

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