3 Game-Changing Fitness Tips from Simone Biles

Sometimes you just have to rock the boat 

She is the greatest gymnast of all time, yet she did it by upsetting certain people. Simone Biles is “pioneering the boundaries of gymnastics” by achieving things no gymnast has ever done.

Biles also stands out by showing more confidence than usual. She reveals her true emotions even when they make others uncomfortable.

You have to take career risks if you want to achieve greatness 

Simone Biles has profited from her gymnastics career dangers. The Guardian's Candice Frederick described her as nailing the “riskiest balance beam dismount.

Here's how to succeed in your profession. You must first define career success for yourself and then take more career risks. Many people struggle to define success without cultural or family expectations. 

Be as bad as you want to be but still show support for your team 

Simone Biles writes in Courage to Soar that she began training at six and that as a teenager, “I’d imagine having medals around my neck, chalk dust on my legs, and a bright smile on my face.

She describes her constant need to prove herself. She always goes for gold and wants to be badass. Also essential to her is supporting and celebrating her teammates' accomplishments. 

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