3 Must-Have Anti-Inflammatory Mediterranean Diet Apps for Meal Planning"


Mealime lets you customize diet-friendly meal plans and exclude things you don't enjoy. This program is the greatest budget planner because it offers free, complete features.

Taking your diet preferences and food allergies into account during meal plan setup makes it easier to follow if you have dietary constraints.You're shown a variety of recipes with full-color images.


While essentially a recipe manager, Paprika also has menu planning functions. Its browser plugin makes tracking your favorite recipes easy, making it the ideal recipe organizer.

To create meal plans with Paprika, save and enter recipes. It lacks pre-set recipes and menus. Thus, folks who can plan meals without much help can try it.


PlateJoy, which is owned by the same parent company as Healthline, makes meal plans for you and your family that are based on your weight loss goals and the foods you like.

PlateJoy is a customizable software with full-color pictures and a pleasant interface. Each dish has full nutrition information and can be synced with Fitbit or Apple Health to track your health goals.

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