3 Must-Know Anti-Inflammatory Mediterranean Diet Benefits for Athletes":

Low in Processed Foods and Sugar 

Instead of the traditional American diet, it's low in sugar and free of GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and taste enhancers. 

In addition to plant foods, locally caught fish and moderate cow, goat, or sheep cheeses and yogurts are staples. Sardines and anchovies are staples of the cuisine, which is historically lower in meat than Western diets.

Emphasizes Plant Proteins 

The Mediterranean diet emphasizes beans, legumes, grains, seafood, and dairy in modest amounts, even though most Mediterranean people aren't vegetarians. 

This can help decrease weight and improve cholesterol, heart health, and omega-3 fatty acid consumption.

Can Help With Weight Loss/Maintenance 

Weight loss on Mediterranean diet? It can help you lose weight and save calories by include largely nutrient-dense foods, depending on how much you eat. (See “how many calories should I eat daily?”)

This approach may help you lose weight without hunger and maintain it for life.Whether you prefer less carbs, protein, or something in between, the Mediterranean diet is flexible.

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