3 Must-Know Secrets About 'Suits' Spinoff Series

Future Royalty Meghan Markle Was Married When Suits Began

The singer Rachel Zane Princess Meghan Markle is now married to Prince Harry, but Markle was married to someone else before all the fuss of a royal wedding. 

Markle was married to Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013, a producer who worked on Remember Me, License to Wed, and the Heathers revival, based on the 1988 dark comedy.

Suits' Harvey and Zoe Lawford Are Married In Real Life

It's usual for actors in Hollywood to marry other actors. It's a little less usual for actors to get to play opposite their spouses in a recurring role, though. 

Suits season 2 featured Harvey's (Gabriel Macht) prior partner, Zoe Lawford (Jacinda Barrett), with whom he'd always had a tumultuous, romantic relationship. 

Jenna Coleman Auditioned For The Role Of Suits' Rachel Zane

In rare situations, audition film is published or found online, offering a fascinating insight at what almost was. A hard-to-find video from 2013 shows Jenna Coleman auditioning for paralegal Rachel Zane. 

Coleman did not earn the job, but she played Clara Oswald and Queen Victoria in Victoria. This Suits behind-the-scenes coincidence is even funnier because she was reported to be dating Prince Harry (Vanity Fair).

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