3 Shocking Stories Behind the World's Mos Expensive Coins

As investments, gold, silver, and other precious metal coins are unquestioned. Coins retain their worth well in good and bad economic times.

Although gold, silver, and platinum values remain steady, unique coins created from these precious metals can be worth more. They're also more historically intriguing to gather. 

You invest in history with coins. Coins reveal much about their users. The words on a gold coin may reveal the language spoken when it was create

Caesar Augustus gathered coins and distributed them to his favorite people in ancient Rome. Due to their beauty, Queen Victoria's coins are highly prized.

Many think investing and collecting rare coins is new. Archaeology proves them wrong. One dig site yielded many coins of different metals. Archaeologists concluded it was a coin collection since no two coins were alike.

A few hundred years ago, most people collected coins to save money. Banks weren't always around, and paper money (still uncommon) was readily destroyed. 

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