3 Top  Mistakes to Avoid When Valuing Your Coin Collection

Mishandling Your Coin

You've probably heard someone caution against touching your coins during a coin display or coin club meeting. Touching them is vital for inspection and viewing, but there is a proper approach.

Mistake #1 

A common mistake is to pinch the coin with your bare hands, with your thumb on the obverse and your pointer finger on the reverse.

Cleaning Your Coin

Collectors and dealers have tried everything to improve a coin's condition because it's so important. Cleaning is often used to improve coin condition.

Mistake #2

Acids, cleaning cloths, and other methods have been explored throughout the years, all of which pose dangers. Simply avoid cleaning your coins to reduce these risks!

Improper Storage Condition

Choosing how and where to store your collection can affect its worth. Coins can be damaged by moisture and extreme temperatures. This makes basements and attics bad choices. 

Mistake #3

After discussing location, it's crucial to note that coin storage also affects their condition. Today's best currency containers are third-party grading slabs. Traditional coin capsules are second.

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