4 Anti-Inflammator Mediterranean Diet Desserts You Won't Believe Are Healthy

Italian Apple Olive Oil Cake

You can have your cake and eat it too by substituting olive oil, which is a monosaturated fat, for butter, which is rich of saturated fats. This will make a significant impact in the health of your heart.

It is perfectly acceptable to indulge in this olive oil cake recipe, as it will not result in a sugar coma whatsoever.

Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookie

Due to the fact that this Mediterranean dessert recipe calls for olive oil rather than butter, you can basically consider eating these cookies in order to meet your daily macro quotas. 

Olive oil is the primary source of fat in the Mediterranean diet. The addition of kosher salt as a garnish is essentially a guarantee that you won't stop at just one.

Mediterranean-Inspired Brownie

Not only olive oil is a healthy butter substitute. Greek yogurt and walnuts provide healthful fat to this chocolate brownie recipe. Best part? They have 150 calories each. (15 more low-calorie chocolate treats.)

Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse

Mixing chocolate with Greek yogurt instead of cream reduces mousse's refined sugar. Though yogurtier than mousse, you'll scarcely notice with each creamy bite.

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