4 Essential Tips for Sticking to the Anti-Inflammatory Mediterranean Diet on a Budget!"

 Listen to Your Body

Watch out for when you're hungry or full. Don't eat too much because it can make your irritation worse. Slow down and make sure you chew your food well.

For best results, chew a small piece of food twenty times before swallowing it. According to Japanese culture, you should eat until you are 80% full. 

Avoid Processed Food

Try not to eat as many fast foods and prepared foods. Many of these have added salt, fats that are bad for you, and things that can make inflammation worse. It is better to eat fresh, unprocessed foods.

Following these guidelines and eating a variety of fruits and vegetables helps reduce inflammation. But don't sacrifice taste. Here are some tasty anti-inflammatory diet dishes.

 Watch Your Portion

The anti-inflammatory diet is popular for its lack of restriction and portion management, but you should watch your plate size. The correct amount of food can reduce calorie-induced inflammation.

Cook Fresh at Home

Cook with fresh ingredients at home when possible. This gives you more control over your diet and makes it healthier. Smoking or steaming is healthier than deep-frying or grilling.

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