4 Lessons in Resilience from Simone Biles' Career

Lesson  1

Every business has its stars. Everyone knows they can count on these people to get the job done. Like how Biles always won the top prize, everything they touch turns to gold.

Expecting everyone to perform at their best forever is unreasonable. People will encounter obstacles. This can surprise your top performers when it happens for the first time.

Lesson  2

Simone Biles had to meet false expectations. When we work hard to meet expectations, what happens? Then disappoint them? Dejection after burnout.

Chronic stress causes burnout, which is emotional, bodily, and mental depletion. If someone is overloaded, emotionally exhausted, and unable to satisfy demands, it happens.

Lesson  3

Psychological safety is the capacity to be yourself without worrying about how people or your career would see you. Biles feared the ramifications of withdrawal but did what was best for her and her teammates.

Lesson 4

Covid-19 brought attention to how important mental health is and made it easier to talk about it at work, but many companies still have a long way to go. 

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