5 Fast-growing Intercrops To Max Out Your Vegetable Garden

Ancient farmers intercropped vegetables between rows of the main crop. Use it in home gardens to maximize space and production.  

Radish, an underrated crop, matures in 3–4 weeks. Spring and October plantings yield two crops of this cool-season veggie.  

1. Radishes

Choy loves full and partial sun. Large-leafed bok choy can endure shade from full-sun crops, making it an ideal intercrop.  

2. Baby Bok Choy

Set-grown plants are ready sooner than seed-grown ones, which take 40-50 days.  

3. Spring Onions & Scallion

Another fast-growing intercrop is beet, which can be picked as baby beets at 7 weeks or let to mature.  

4. Baby Beet

Leaves like lettuce, arugula, and spinach mature quickly and are good intercropping plants for climbers like peas.   

5. Leafy Green

Squash or cucumbers can climb the pea trellis if the pea vines are cut off. Intercrop carrots or parsnips.  

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