5 must-see optical illusions that will blow your mind

From horses and tigers to moving objects and floating ships, optical illusions are varied. The way our brain processes images based on color, light, and surrounds is interesting.

This optical illusion can show the future, but few are as impressive. Staring into the black hole's center makes it appear to expand, although it's not.

We love optical illusions that look like moving visuals yet are motionless. These are physiological optical illusions. 

Since the 1970s, this equine-themed illusion has confused spectators. How many horses are in the painting? Despite our repeated horse counts.

This feline-themed optical illusion split the internet. This post makes it unclear whether the cat is climbing or descending the steps. 

Akiyoshi Kitaoka developed this eerie moving optical illusion. The 'anomalous motion phenomenon' makes the design appear to move while it's actually static.

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