6 Fascinating Geranium Plant Facts 

Cranesbill geraniums have beautiful mounds of cup-shaped flowers. Johnson's Blue is a cool periwinkle that thrives in Zones 4–8.  

Carl Linnaeus misidentified a South African bloom as a Geranium in 1753. Though reclassified as Pelargonium, that flower is still called a geranium.  

Each of 300 cranesbill geranium species is perennial. Thus, they will return annually. Pelargonium geraniums, annuals, come in 280 species.  

Charles Dickens, a famous 19th-century author, sported crimson pelargoniums on his jacket. For early blooming, grow garden pansies.  

Geranium leaf oils were employed by perfumers before labs. At least 30 Pelargonium species are fragrant. Find rose, citrous, and mint smells.  

Annuals are pelargoniums. This implies that if you leave them in the garden over the winter, they will wither away.   

However, if you'd like, you can grow them indoors in a sunny place! For optimal effects, keep the temperature in your home between 60 and 65 degrees.  

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