6 Gorgeous Peony Colors to Grow in Your Garden 

You'll find plenty of pink peony shades. The ‘Takara’ Itoh peony's color-changing powers will enhance your garden.  

Pink Peonie

Orange blooms turn yellow with red centers on the ‘Misaka’ Itoh Peony. The grower says the blossoms are disease-resistant and slightly fragrant.  

Yellow Peonie

Several snow-colored peonies are accessible for gardeners. The ‘Festiva Maxima’ peony has huge white blooms with pink centers.   

White Peonie

With the ‘Many Happy Returns’ peony, your garden will glow red. The grower recommends it for a cut flower garden because it blooms in late spring to early summer.  

Red Peonie

Butterfly-friendly Coral Charm peonies have pink and orange blossoms. Another coral peony is the Pink Hawaiian Coral, with coral petals and a yellow center.   

Coral Peonie

Though rare, purple and blue peonies can be added to your yard. Though pink, Seeing Blue peony blooms "have a bluish glow," according to the grower.  

Purple and Blue Peonie

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