6 Suits Spinoffs Ideas We Would Love To See Happen

Paulsen and Specter

Suits season 9 ends with Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen getting engaged and marrying immediately with Louis Litt and Sheila. They could continue the story in Seattle with a great spinoff series on their future together.

Rand, Kaldor & Zane

Suits follows Pearson Hardman's workers and daily life, but a spinoff about its largest competitor may be interesting. Rand, Kaldor & Zane, another major New York legal firm, often competes with Pearson Hardman.

Harvey Specter Prequel Serie

Before joining Pearson Hardman, Harvey Specter lived a colorful life. The New York District Attorney's young lawyer Specter has a strong record of prosecuting defendants. He quickly finds his son, District Attorney Cameron Dennis,'s deception.

The Bullpen 

An independent or Harvard legal-inspired Suits spinoff about a legal firm bullpen may be a sequel. Harvey and Louis called the confined collaboration space the bullpen in the original program. 

Harvard Law

It's commonly known that Suits' founding law firm, Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett, only hires Harvard Law School graduates.

L.A. Based Law Firm

Following CSI's model, a Suits spinoff on the other coast may be successful. Suits follows New York law firms competing for local businesses and rich clientele to earn the most money.

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