7 Coins with Hidden Features Only Experts Know About

1917 George V Sovereign

WWI killed gold coin circulation. Gold in your change was a luxury before the war, but during the war it was unfeasible owing to wartime funding needs.

1933 Penny

UK coins like the 1933 penny are famous. Six were struck, three for construction foundations and three for national collections, according to Royal Mint documents. 

The Coinage of Edward VIII

After only a few months on the throne, Edward VIII gave up his throne. Because of this, no coins with his image were ever made for circulation. However, a few practice and pattern pieces of the new monarch's coins were made.

Queen Anne Vigo Five-Guinea Piece

Few coins were made from gold bars that were taken by the British forces at the Battle of Vigo Bay in northern Spain on October 23, 1702. This one was one of them.

Una and the Lion

Though less rare than Edward VIII pattern coins, the 1839 gold five-pound piece is one of the most beautiful coins in the world. 

1996 Football European Championships Gold Proof £2 Coin

This £2 commemorative coin displays a football, the date, and 16 little circles to represent the 1996 European Championship football tournament countries. Just around 2,100 coins were struck.

2009 Kew Gardens 50p Coin

Only 210,000 of these 50p coins were produced in 2009 to commemorate London's Kew Gardens' 250th anniversary, making them scarce in change. 

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