7 Mind-Blowing Facts About Olympic Training Regimens 


Russia—KRASNAYA POLYANA Canadian bobsledder Lyndon Rush was still to arrive in Sochi. But he was already on the Olympic sliding track as he sat in a Munich airport chair three days before the Winter Olympics, his eyes wide open but his thoughts far away as he stroked a serpentine line through the air with his left hand.

“The U.S. team has been engaged with sports psychology for a long time, and it's really starting to get attention from other nations, so now you see they carry far more psychologists than they used to,” said USSA executive vice president Luke Bodensteiner. This is a big project for us. One person cannot cover 93 athletes in our sports.”

But the sliding track is the most predictable Olympic environment. Rush claimed he mentally drove the Sochi race hundreds of times from start house to finish before racing. The Olympics have few training runs.

Erin Hamlin, the American luge bronze medalist, said, “Sometimes their eyes go back a little so that their whites show, and it's really kind of creepy.” We paddle to start, so some people get into it and paddle hard on the bench. You'll be sitting there silent then someone strikes the bench hard, which can stun you.” 

At Sochi, she stated, “I'll see myself fall because that will happen in my visualization, and then I have to make sure I clear that out before I go.” “Sometimes it's really hard. Hernandez paused before replying, “Yeah, I mean, mostly.”

This is internal imagery. See your race as a video of yourself competing. both ways are valid, Detling stated. Technology and helmet-mounted cameras that record runs from the skier's perspective are revolutionizing the game.

Even while most athletes visualize the perfect run and never reach it, most find visualization soothing and powerful. "I couldn't do a jump, or especially a new trick, without this imagery process," said Cook, who placed eighth in aerials. “This is crucial to my athleticism.

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