7 Vintage Toys That Could Make You a Fortune 


A line of action figures was released by LJN Toys in the mid ’80s, featuring all the main characters. The protagonist Lion-O is perhaps the most beloved. When his “suspension capsule” malfunctions, the 12-year-old’s body ages all the way to adulthood, though his mind remains as immature as ever.

Thundercats Lion-O Action Figure

The mid-1980s animation made American kids remember the Autobot-Decepticon fight. Megatron and Starscream were enjoyable, but Optimus Prime's bravery inspired others.


Collectors value these “redlines” from 1968–1977. Though revitalized for vintage-style reproductions, the line is a good cause to examine the toy's age.

Hot Wheels ‘redline

Who would have thought that four pizza-gobbling turtles, named after Italian Renaissance artists, that live in N.Y.C. sewers and are trained in ninjutsu by their rodent sensei would be so popular after four cartoon series, six feature films, dozens of games, and even a touring concert series?

Rare Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figure

All that merchandise made George Lucas rich. Lucas notoriously turned out directing compensation for merchandise and licensing rights before the first film. The studio predicted another Sci-Fi flop with Star Wars.

Original 'Star Wars' Action Figure

My Little Pony was popular because of its collectible toys. They had many brilliant hues. Some were unicorns, pegasi, or sea ponies. Sugary names like Cotton Candy or Butterscotch. Each had a “cutie mark” on its flank.

My Little Pony Generation one

The infatuation began in 1957 when Pez added 3-D heads to the top. The dispensers were perfected in the 1980s when the business added feet at the bottom to stand upright.

Rare Pez dispenser

The 1989 Bluebird Toys collection resembled beauty powder compacts. Opening them revealed a tiny dollhouse or playset. Polly Pocket miniatures were usually under one inch tall.

Polly Pocket set

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