8 Best Houseplants for Beginners

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Golden pothos is a popular hanging plant for a reason. Golden pothos becomes a tree-swallowing monster with massive yellow and green leaves in its native habitat.  

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Golden Pothos

Well-grown spider plants are amazing. It grows well in baskets or on columns with long, slender, arching leaves. The variegated variety dominates. Plantlets on long stems produce an attractive hanging display as a mature plant sends off offsets.   

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Spider Plant

Snake plants have sword-like leaves with green bands. They are quite tough. They prefer bright light but can handle less. However, they don't mind watering in moderation. They thrive in office settings.   

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Snake Plant

Dragon trees are easy to grow and adaptable. These plants have woody stems with sword-like red-edged leaves. Dragon trees grow to 6 feet as houseplants but can reach 20 feet in nature. Low fertilizer needs.   

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Dragon Tree

The moon cactus requires little water and tolerates less light than most cacti. Not much fertilization is needed either. Plant it in a pot with drainage holes and fast-draining soil and it should be fine.   

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Moon Cactus 

Perhaps because they're hard to bloom, bromeliads have a bad image. Making these exotic plants blossom indoors is difficult. They need much heat, water, humidity, and filtered light.  

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Another dracaena, fortunate bamboo is the perennial office plant. Poor lighting, air quality, and intermittent watering support countless pots of these. They make great gift plants and are said to bring luck and boost chi.  

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Lucky Bamboo

Fishbone cactus, often known as the zig zag cactus, has angled and serrated stems. Unlike desert cacti, this tropical variety can tolerate greater humidity and less sun. Give it bright, indirect light and water when the top 2 inches of soil dry out.   

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Fishbone Cactus 

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