8 Coin Collecting Tips for Beginners: Maximize Your Investment 


Unless you're a millionaire and don't mind a $1,000 mistake, start small and learn the hobby before buying big. Simple sets and smaller coins. Study coin history, grading, and pricing.

Start Simple and Small

People often ask, "What should I collect?" The short answer is "Collect what you like!" Choose coins or series that interest you. The coin's design, history, or story may be intriguing.

Collect What You Like

Coins are metal, but their surfaces are fragile. Environmental reactions vary by metal. Secure coin storage and handling will preserve their value for generations.

Handle and store coins carefully

A strong coin collection that appreciates is not a race. Most impulsive coin collectors become frustrated and lose money when selling their collections.

It's Not a Race

"Buy the book before you buy the coin." Coin collectors who sold their collections for millions followed these simple rules and learned them.

Buy the Book

You're reading this article because you want to learn more about coin collecting. Popular coin magazines include Coin World and Numismatic News. 

Magazines and Website

Joining a coin club is a great way to learn about coins and keep collecting. Local coin clubs are found in many US cities. A quick Internet search will reveal nearby ones.

Join a Coin Club

Many coins are online. You cannot hold, inspect, or compare coins you buy. You can check the coin at a show or shop before buying.

Visit a coin show or shop

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