8 DIY Indoor Greenhouse Ideas Cats 

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A small indoor greenhouse can support one or two plants. Picture frames are spray-painted and hot-glued to make the greenhouse. The full process is explained here. A cute greenhouse can be made beside a window.  

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Picture Frame Mini Greenhouse

Buy an IKEA Fabrikor to build this indoor greenhouse. With grow lights, a humidifier, a fan, and other equipment, this project turns the cabinet into a greenhouse. The project is quick yet significant.  

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Building a Greenhouse Cabinet

This comprehensive build uses an IKEA Milsbo glass cabinet as a greenhouse. Fans, a grow lamp, and a thermometer enable its magic. Check out the complete instructions on how to set it up for maximum growth.  

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IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet

This greenhouse makes a stunning living room centerpiece. An IKEA Rudsta cabinet becomes an indoor greenhouse. The cabinet is stunning and showcases the plants. You may view the assembly procedure on video. Though in Finnish, it's worth a look.  

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Rudsta Greenhouse Cabinets

Used cabinet found while thrifting. A light and shelves are added. The outcome is a green greenhouse with plenty of plant space that can be hidden.  

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Green Indoor Cabinet Greenhouse

Kids can help with this project. This basic indoor greenhouse grows seeds in a plastic container beneath a light. It's ideal for compact spaces when room is limited  

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Simple Indoor Greenhouse

Indoor greenhouse made from IKEA Detolf cabinet. This unusual greenhouse contains plants and moss within the cabinet. A unique greenhouse and art installation. You may make one from this extensive tutorial.  

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Cabinet Greenhouse

This indoor greenhouse design turns a metal shelf into a plant sanctuary. Covering the shelf unit keeps warm air from the greenhouse window in.  

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Indoor Greenhouse Shelf

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