Gymnastics Moves Named After Simone Biles: A Visual Guide

IGF only names skills after gymnasts who perform them at major international championships like the Olympics. Biles claims her four skills correspond to her gymnastic abilities. Most were added once she or her trainers decided to test herself with a twist or flip.

This technique involves Biles flipping twice in the air with an extended body. She adds a half twist before landing, making her landing blind. Biles' former coach Aimee Boorman said her “air sense” makes blind landings easy.

Biles (double layout with half twist)

Biles II (double backflip, triple twist)

Need two reverse flips and three twists. Flying high enough to fall requires tremendous power. Biles' coach proposed another flip owing to her floor power and lift. “He said, ‘I think you can do another twist, let's just play with it and in a few months, I think this might come easily,’” Biles said. He predicted well—she's talented.

Biles flips spectacularly on balancing beam, with a double-double dismount that even Olympic winners can't believe. Biles flips and twists twice. At the 2019 World Championships, the judges demoted her skill because to safety concerns to deter other gymnasts from trying it.

Biles (double twisting, double backflip dismount)

The Yurchenko is difficult because it starts with a round off into a back hand spring onto vault. Biles flies from there. She half-turns and twists twice before landing. This vault is challenging because it requires power and precision to twist and land safely.

Biles (Yurchenko half-on with two twists)

Biles' fifth talent in the Tokyo Olympics Code of Points may be a dangerous Yurchenko double pike vault only male gymnasts may perform. Biles practiced the vault at podium training in Tokyo on July 22, although she may not try it in the team, all-around, or vault final. She may vault in one of those competitions “because I can,” she said.

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