8 Hot Dog Recipes for Grilling Season


Like all “loaded” situations, this hot dog is about plate construction. Split-top buns accept more toppings each bite by hollowing out the sides. The chili's sweetness balances the saltiness of the Corn Nuts and hot dog, while the pickled jalapeños give spicy bite. 

Ultimate Loaded Chili Topped Hot Dogs

Our 40 best recipes include these smoky Kogi dogs with cabbage, kimchi, and cheddar. Sriracha adds a finishing touch; serve with a cool Mexican lager beer.

Kogi Dogs 

Vienna's food influenced Wolfgang Puck, who grew up there. Wolfgang Puck grew up loving Wiener Würstchen. He divides, cheeses, and bacons the dogs. After roasting, he puts them on a bun with hot horseradish mustard.

Hot Dog Melts 

These “BLT” hot dogs can elevate any evening dinner. The creamy caraway-pickle mayonnaise complements the crispy bacon, fresh tomatoes, and crunchy lettuce.

BLT Hot Dogs with Caraway Remoulade 

The deep-fried, bacon-wrapped franks at Crif Dogs in Manhattan are famous. The Chihuahua is bacon-wrapped and topped with sour cream and avocado.

Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs with Avocado 

Chef Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins' San Diego regional Mexican restaurant serves this Sonoran hot dog-inspired meal. This restaurant classic is easy to create for backyard parties with crumbled chorizo.

Chorizo and Kimchi Dogs 

These mixer-made hot dog buns require no baking! The dough is easy to work with and yields delicate, robust buns that can hold your favorite toppings. To spice up these buns, sprinkle poppy seeds before baking.

Buttery Brioche Hot Dog Buns 

Without sweet store-bought relish, Justin Chapple grills dill pickles and mixes them with onion, vinegar, mustard seeds, and parsley for a smokey, well-balanced relish with mustard seed pops.

Hot Dogs with Grilled Pickle Relish 

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