8 Mosquito-Repelling Plants You Need in Your Backyard ASAP 

A rosemary bush thrives in a sunny, dry garden or windowsill. Allow it to dry between waterings and use it as a culinary herb and mosquito-repellent with its characteristic aroma.  


Basil isn't just for pesto and pizza. This attractive herb attracts bees, enhances plant flavor, and, most importantly, repels mosquitoes!  


Citronellal in lemon balm repels mosquitoes. Your mosquito-repellent plant collection should include lemon balm, which has a citrus fragrance insects hate.  


Though your cat loves it, mosquitoes will avoid it at all costs. Studies have found that catnip's essential oil, nepetalactone, repels mosquitoes better than store-bought bug sprays.  


Its oil can poison humans and animals if absorbed into the skin or eaten. Pennyroyal is one of the best mosquito-repellent plants when grown and handled properly.   


Citronella oils are used in outdoor candles and bug sprays because it repels mosquitoes well.  


The berries make great jellies and wine, and birds enjoy them, but the leaves are what make this mosquito-repellent plant unique.   


According to Rocha, female mosquitoes prefer carbon dioxide since their major blood donors, humans and animals, breathe it.  


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