8 of the Best FullBody Exercises to Get You in Shape 


One of the best ab workouts for addressing the upper and lower body and training the core is planks. Biceps and shoulders support most of your weight when planking on elbows, while the core stabilizes.


One of the best bodyweight workouts is the burpee. It is simple and effective, but doing more than a few can be mentally taxing. Often employed in cardio programs, the burpee can increase strength and burn fat.

Single-leg deadlift

Baskauskas calls this kettlebell exercise a “symphony of hip stability, core strength, and breath awareness.” We adore it. Deadlifts strengthen practically every lower body muscle and improve hamstring mobility.

Side plank

In this type of plank, the horizontal strength is at its best. It makes your back stronger without putting too much stress on your back. It also makes your front and back abdominal muscles stronger and more durable generally.

Overhead squat

Overhead squats are the ultimate full-body workout. Reaching our arms aloft while squatting is difficult, especially without arching or rounding. It can be awkward to start this technique, so try it with little resistance until you master it.

Split squat

Unilateral leg exercises like this boost lower-body strength, muscle, and balance. The split squat improves mobility and flexibility, allowing you to squat lower and engage your quads.

Reverse plank

The normal plank is entertaining and beneficial, but this move excludes the posterior. A new approach to work the neglected muscles is the reverse plank.

Sumo squat

Both conventional and sumo squats are fantastic leg day exercises, but sumo squats emphasize the inner thigh adductors, which move your legs toward your body. 

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