8 Questions That Could Decide the NFL Playoff Race 


Their defensive and offensive EPA per play are 11th and fifth, behind the Chiefs, Bills, Dolphins, and Eagles. The team's performance is more inconsistent than advanced metrics suggest

How good are the Bengals, really? 

Run on Browns defense? Bad test. Cleveland had the league's worst run defense (EPA and DVOA) and was a "get right" game for every struggling ground game this season.

How bad are the Buccaneers, really? 

Sunday's comeback win over the Ravens was big for Jacksonville, which couldn't close out games. FiveThirtyEight's prediction model puts Jacksonville's playoff odds at 4%. 

Trevor Lawrence can drag Jaguars how far?

A strong coin collection that appreciates is not a race. Most impulsive coin collectors become frustrated and lose money when selling their collections.

How healthy will the Chargers get? 

If playoffs began now, all four NFC East teams would qualify. This never happened since the NFL went eight-division in 2002. Don't get excited about playoff Taylor Heinicke and Daniel Jones.

Will the NFC East cannibalize itself? 

Sunday was mostly Dolphins preseason. In the third quarter of a three-possession game, Miami coach Mike McDaniel pulled Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill (who had cramps) because Miami was confident in beating the Texans. 

How high is Miami’s ceiling? 

Certainly seems so! Allen struggled with short throws again in Buffalo's Thanksgiving Day win over Detroit. Four straight after the QB appeared to injure his UCL in a Week 9 loss to the Jets. 

Is Josh Allen’s elbow an issue? 

The Vikings' 2-1 record against the Bills, Cowboys, and Pats left us wondering how they would play against good teams after two months of uncertainty. 

Can the Vikings beat up on bad teams? 

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