12 Tips and Tricks for a Weed-Free Backyard 

Due to its stretching and strength-building benefits, weeding relieves tension. Additionally, 30 minutes burns 200 calories.  

Change Your Mindset

Yard work is easier with tools and gloves accessible rather than in a shed. Place a bucket of favorite weeding tools at each entrance and garage door.   

Keep Supplies Handy

When dinner is cooking, while waiting for a ride, or during a garden break, pick some dandelions. Start with a little piece and soon a daunting task will be manageable.  

Make Use of Spare Moment

The smaller the weed, the easier to eliminate. Before they go to seed, remove them from the garden to avoid hundreds or thousands of progeny next year.  

Pull Throughout the Season

When soil is damp, it can be damaged during cultivation, but when it's dry, roots may remain and need to be removed later.  

Time It Right

Leave seedlings on the soil surface as you walk from area to area to dry and perish. As long as they haven't gone to seed, compost or mulch them.  

Remove Annual Weeds on a Sunny Day

Long-handled hoes and cultivators don't strain your body, save energy, and let you cover more territory.  

Find a Tool You Love

Cover seeds with mulch. Use garden resources to make it more useful. Cover the soil with herbicide-free grass clippings, shredded leaves, or evergreen needles.   

Add Mulch

Join friends and neighbors in rotating garden care. Starting with coffee and tea in the first garden, end a day of weeding with a potluck or wine and cheese party.  

Throw a Gardening Round-Robin Party

Research plants for next spring and plant them properly. It will produce stronger, healthier plants that outcompete the undesired ones.  

Plan, Plan, Plan

Drill garden bed holes several inches deep using an auger bit. For healthier plants, flowers, and a more productive vegetable garden, top-dress with compost and aerate.  

Enhance Soil with Compost

Follow all label instructions if you're stuck and utilize chemicals. Perennial weeds may return when organic soaps, vinegars, and plant oils scorch plant tops.   

Call on Chemical

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