8 Tips  To Get Korean Glass Skin At Home 

Indulge in a steam session 

Start your Korean glass skin journey with steam sessions or showers. Steam opens pores to eliminate dirt and pollutants from the skin. Not sure how steam massages assist you?

Do facial exercises daily 

Clear, fair skin is admired in Korea. Thus, every Korean beauty does anything to get flawless clean skin. Practice brief mouth stretches, puckering lips, shifting sideways, pulling your head up, smiling, and swallowing.

Cleanse your face 

Deep washing is important to Korean glass skin. Use micellar cleaning water twice and a lemon-infused facewash for brighter skin. Your face will be ready for skin care after this.

Exfoliate with a damp washcloth 

A revolutionary exfoliation method enhances deep-cleansing Korean skincare. Korean beauty queens scrub their faces with washcloths to prevent wrinkles instead of exfoliating. Squeeze lukewarm water from a delicate cloth. 

Go for toning & make fermented rice water your new best friend 

Toning is essential in Korean skincare. Ancient Koreans toned and prepared their skin with water-rich cucumber, tomato, and watermelon. When selecting a toner, seek for these elements to reduce pores and brighten skin.

Moisturise your face and body 

Korean skincare moisturises the face like all other routines. Vitamin C-infused serum gel or creamy moisturiser are options. Korean beauty enthusiasts must take care of their bodies. 

Opt for Face masks 

Korean glass skin can be achieved with a charcoal or green-tea serum face or sheet mask. Yes, you read correctly! Korean skincare relies on face masks to moisturize and nourish skin.

Drink tea 

Korean beauties take tea seriously, as shown by the range of teas they use in their diet and skincare. If you like tea, drink ginseng, roasted barley, and green tea daily for bright skin.

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