A Taste of the Mediterranean: Top 10 Herbs and Spices


The essential oil eugenol in basil suppresses swelling enzymes. Basil includes strong flavonoids including zeaxanthin, which protects eyes from UV rays and slows age-related macular damage.


The Spanish word for coriander, cilantro, refers to the plant's leaves. It adds flavor and crunch to salads, bean meals, soups, and salsas. Coriander is often added to meat and fish sauces in Spain. In America, cilantro sales soar during Super Bowl weekend and Cinco de Mayo, when guacamole and salsas are popular.


You may think of cinnamon when baking coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, puddings, or baked apples. Maybe you sprinkle it on fruit or cereal. Baklava is an example of Mediterranean food.


Dill, present in Greek tzatziki, contains antioxidants and calcium (60 mg per ounce), lowering the risk of bone damage Relax about using dill when and how! Dill plant contains carvone, which calms and may alleviate digestive irritation.

Yogurt sauce

UCLA discovered that 1,200 mg of aged garlic extract daily prevented plaque buildup, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduced cardiac events and heart disease. Allicin and dialyll disulphide, antibacterial and antiviral, give garlic its smell and fight colds and cancer.


The Mediterranean countries produce most lemons, and the people there love to use them in pasta, rice, fish, soups like avgolemono (a mixture of lemon juice, egg, and broth), salads, roasted veggies, baked goods, and lemon ices.


Peppermint and spearmint leaves are used to decongest and treat digestive issues and stomach discomfort. Mint, rich in vitamins A and C, boosts immunity and eye health.


If you appreciate spicy spice (like many Mediterraneans), add them generously to any dish. Red pepper flakes, made from fiery dried and crushed cayenne, bell, and ancho peppers, contain capsaicin, which fights inflammation and heart disease and may enhance metabolism.

Red Pepper Flake

Saffron's carotenoid, crocin, turns dishes yellow-orange. Antioxidants like carotenoids, a precursor to vitamin A, protect eyes, immune systems, and cancer. Saffron gives pilaf, paella, and bouillabaisse a bitter, honey-like flavor.


Fresh or dried thyme is rich in minerals like potassium, which lowers blood pressure, and iron, which forms red blood cells.


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