Advice for Attracting Hummingbirds With Morning Glories 

Agastache comes in many different forms, and they're all quite high in nectar. Often referred to as hummingbird mints, Sunset Hyssop is a member of this group.   


Cardinal Flowers can enliven a dark corner. Hummingbirds can see your bright red blossoms wherever you hide them.  

Cardinal Flower 

Coral bells attract hummingbirds, but they only bloom once a season, so gardeners chop them off to focus attention on the leaves.   

Coral Bells

Four o'clocks open late in the afternoon but are worth the wait. Her tubular blossoms are ideal for hummingbirds.  

Four O'Clocks

There are over 100 fuchsia species. Some cultivars are hardy to zone 6, although most are tropical or semi-tropical delicate perennials planted as annuals.  


Lantana is a good plant for beginners. It is beautiful and can grow into a shrub or small tree in USDA zone 7b or higher.  


Petunias trail, making them ideal for baskets. Canary creeper, cardinal vine/cypress vine, and fastest-growing red runner bean are good trailing or climbing vines.  


Hummingbird plants include mealy cup sage, 'Black and Blue' anise sage, and scarlet lady in red bloom nonstop all season.  


The 7 Best Shrubs for Attracting Hummingbirds 

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