Apex Legends Characters Best Suited For A Single-Player Spinoff


Valkyrie, added in Apex Legends: Legacy Season 9, may be a single-player spinoff. Her Titanfall connection gives her a rich backstory. Titanfall fans have abandoned hope for Titanfall 3, but a Valkyrie-focused Apex Legends branch may feature Titanfall 2's story mode characters.

Valkyrie Spinoff May Connect Apex Legends to Titanfall

Valkyrie is Titanfall 2's story mode Titan Pilot Viper's daughter. The flight core from her father's Titan was used to make her jetpack, an in-game ability. Valkyrie comes out as a lovable smuggler and ethically gray hero, unlike her father. Titanfall 2's player count increased by 750% after her 2021 reveal.

The Legend debuted in Season 5, Apex Legends: Fortune's Favor, Loba is another terrific alternative for a single-player Apex experience. Her history hinges around another character from Apex Legends, Revenant, who killed Loba's family when she was nine. This massacre left Loba with little, leading to her picking pockets to survive, progressively increasing her thievery talents

Apex Legends Single-Player - Loba's Thieving Skills Would Make Her A Fun Anti-Hero

Her thievery talents peaked when she stole the Jump Drive. With the new tech, Loba uses a teleportation bracelet to steal riches she thought were unattainable. A revenge scenario where Loba travels to Revenant corpse factories to kill her family's assailant is wonderfully set up in this novel.

However, Revenant could investigate the opposing side of Apex Legends. Synthetic mercenaries are more mechanical than man and have a complicated history. This route turned him into a mechanical killer who kills for fun without justification.

A Revenant Game Could Focus On Apex Legends' Mercenary Syndicate

Revenant wasn't always like this. He started as a hitman but evolved into the mechanical mercenary in Apex Legends courtesy to Mercenary Syndicate and Hammond Robotics executives. A Revenant spin-off may center on his hitman roots and corporate bosses' collapse.

Horizon (Dr. Mary Somers) from Season 7, Apex Legends: Ascension, is another strong protagonist with a great narrative and powers for a solo game. She's a happy eccentric scientist. She is happy, yet her motivation for joining Apex is sad.

Horizon's Technology & Time Travel Could Make A Compelling Apex Legends Spinoff

Dr. Somers found a chemical she believed may provide unlimited energy. The twist is that only black holes had it. She and her apprentice sought this element to alleviate her world's energy crisis. After her apprentice (now Ash) betrayed her, she returned from the black hole 87 years after promising her son she would return safely. Horizon travels through time to find her son and turns her apprentice against her.

Horizon has great gameplay potential. Her major Gravity Lift and better air control would be fun to play on custom levels. Horizon, as a scientist, can also use emerging technology to improve her combat and traversal gear. Horizon-led spin-offs have almost endless possibilities.

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