Are Roses Toxic to Cats and Dogs? 

If you wish to keep roses indoors, you need know if they can hurt your pet. Roses aren't a problem, thankfully.  

Cats are curious and will inspect anything new, but eating a rose petal or other plant part usually causes only a little stomach upset.   

Most people worry about rose thorns, which can hurt your cat's mouth if it chews on them.  

The thorns on roses provide the most risk to most people because, if your cat chews on them, they could cut the inside of their mouth.  

Pesticide poisoning causes drooling, vomiting, lethargy, seizures, and tremors. Contact your vet if you think your cat ate a rose with pesticide.  

Like cats, dogs may be intrigued about new things in your yard or home. Luckily, roses are safer for dogs than cats. Rose petals are safe for dogs.  

Thorns are frequently the main issue. Dogs might get infected from rose bush thorn cuts. If your dog falls into a rose bush, its eyes may be injured.  

If you're unsure if your dog ingested rose chemicals or is acting strangely after racing through a rose bush, contact your vet.  

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