'Arrow's Ray Palmer A 'Natural' Choice For Next Spinoff; New 'ATOM' Suit Details


Arrow and The Flash viewers have needed little proof to speculate on how swiftly The CW will introduce another weekly superhero show. However, producers have recently dropped bombs. The network has started talking about the next spinoff, and Brandon Routh is a prominent candidate.

To be fair, the network stated months ago that further DC Comics spinoffs were "discussed" Arrow's Ray Palmer (Routh)'s storyline was ambitious before viewers knew it. Ray Palmer will probably protect Starling City more after the program returns from winter break. So much so that executive producer Marc Guggenheim says he's a spinoff frontrunner.

Guggenheim told EW that the producers and network contemplated an Atom spinoff "in the most preliminary of ways" (don't get excited). Brandon Routh's smooth Arrow/Flash integration seemed to drive the conversations. Routh wasn't originally part of The CW's superhero series' "master plan," according to Guggenheim.

Her thievery talents peaked when she stole the Jump Drive. With the new tech, Loba uses a teleportation bracelet to steal riches she thought were unattainable. A revenge scenario where Loba travels to Revenant corpse factories to kill her family's assailant is wonderfully set up in this novel.

It was unclear why the clever millionaire bought Queen Consolidated in the first half of the show's third season, but the midseason finale clarified. Palmer plans to develop A.T.O.M., an armored suit, to fight Starling's unique crime. The suit was only shown in holographic schematics, but Guggenheim calls it "the most ambitious costume we've ever done on the show."

Fans afraid that a TV Justice League will be weaker than a film version may be pleased when A.T.O.M. arrives.

Guggenheim reiterates that the A.T.O.M. suit and its action shouldn't be seen as an audition reel for an Atom spinoff series (as with Grant Gustin's Season 2 introduction). Arrow's character, actor, and outfit were created to advance the tale. In particular, to have more metahuman or superhuman vigilantes than Oliver ever imagined. No matter how well they mean it, glitches are inevitable.

How about a spinoff or miniseries about Brandon Routh's superhero-in-the-making? Do you believe the show's producers that discussions are casual or that plans are further along? Discuss your hopes in the comments.

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