Beautiful Nasturtium Flowers Keep Bad Bugs Away

Plant nasturtiums in your veggie garden. Beautiful edible blossoms encourage pollinators and deter pests.

Ever heard of nasturtiums? If you haven't, you should get some if you have a vegetable garden. You may know them as Nose-twisters.  

Add Nasturtiums to Your Vegetable Garden

Nasturtiums (Tropaeolum) are lovely and useful in the vegetable garden. Their scent doesn't affect humans, but squash bugs hate it.  

Benefits of Growing Nasturtium

They grow vertically on trellises and look lovely spilling out of containers. Traditional varieties make good bedding plants.  

Nasturtium Care 

Classic, dwarf, and climbing Nasturtiums. You can also get yellow, orange, pink, and red. Award-winning Baby Rose has rosy flowers.

Nasturtium Growing Tip

In hot summers like mine, nasturtiums perish. I let them seed and they usually grow back in spring.  

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