Best Plants for Container Shade Gardening 

For shade-tolerant containers, plant 'Red Giant' mustard and purple pansies. Create a cheerful covered entryway with a bright container in a complimentary color.   

Bright Pansies 

Try this elegant leaf mix before choosing a fern. In a basic white pot, these four tropical-inspired plants' textured leaves stand out.   

Sophisticated Elephant's Ear 

Drill drainage holes in the bottoms and three holes in the front of metal pots like those above, then use tin snips to create triangular perforations large enough for one plant.   

Vertical Shrimp Plant 

This colorful container illuminates even the darkest porch nook. A cast-iron plant, caladiums, impatiens, and a creeping fig make a vibrant arrangement.   

Shady Caladiums 

Plants will thrive together. A vivid pot with coleus, verbena, fan flower, Joseph's coat, calibrachoa, and petunias is easy to manage and beautiful.   

Spectacular Coleus and Joseph's Coat 

Pansies and violas thrive in gloomy containers. They're little and cheerful, adding just the right color to a shadow.  

Bold Violas 

It looks great and is easy to maintain. An raised planter offers the creeping Jenny room to flow and droop in this shade-loving container garden.  

Caladium Style 

It's colorful and eclectic. A container you can move anyplace in your yard to get a boost with maroon Joseph's coat, green coleus, and yellow creeping Jenny.  

Verdant Coleus and Creeping Jenny 

Growing Heliconias Indoors and Out 

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