Bryan Danielson Confirms When His Aew Contract Expires (And It's Soon)

Wrestler Bryan Danielson retires. On "Casual Conversations", Danielson said he will attend 2024 All In at Wembley Stadium before retiring. His contract ends before August London.  

The Wembley is vast. Wembley is my goal "stated. Contract ends early. Want Wembley." Danielson said Wembley isn't wrestling-related like Arena Mexico or Tokyo Dome.  

This year, he wants to wrestle at All In, a different vibe. He may stay longer for October's WrestleDream.  

Maybe I'll die. Great to have my last full-time WrestleDream match at the Tacoma Dome. My first Tacoma Dome wrestling show.   

Ultimate Warrior versus. Rick Rude, WWF."  AEW signed Bryan Danielson for three years in 2021, months after WWE released him.  

He retired last year before the Continental Classic. After losing to Will Ospreay at AEW Dynasty, Danielson has not been on TV.  

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