Calla Lily Care and Growing Tips 

Calla lilies' stunning blossoms always stand out in the garden. In warmer climates, calla lilies are easy to maintain.   

Tropical and subtropical calla lilies are perennials. They thrive without much care in zones 8–10. However, zone 7 and lower gardeners must treat calla lilies differently.  

As perennials, calla lilies bloom in late spring or early summer. Many calla lilies have early-season, mid-season, and late-season blooms.  

Select the right kinds for your garden. Border-friendly lower-growing cultivars reach 12 inches. Taller types, up to 2 to 3 feet, may be ideal for the back garden.   

Rhizomes grow calla lilies. Start them outdoors in spring once the earth has warmed to 65 degrees F and frost has past.  

Remove spent flower stalks at the base to divert energy to next year's blossoms instead of seeding. Allow the plant to die naturally in fall, when it will rest for the winter.  

Trim leaves, leaving an inch or two of stem in cooler climates. Dig up and store the rhizomes in slightly damp peat moss in a cool dark spot.  

Potted calla lilies can be grown indoors. Container-grown plants need additional nourishment but otherwise grow similarly.  

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