How to Grow Tomatoes in Containers

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Although six hours is the minimum for development and fruiting, tomatoes thrive with eight hours of sunlight.In many regions, tomatoes can be planted in full sun.  

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We chose this $8 20-gallon storage container for its size and pricing. Larger containers like this store more soil and moisture. Large planters cost $30-40.  

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Prepare the container

If you bought pre-made potting mix, fill halfway and continue to Step 4.Our handmade potting mix is lightweight and water-retaining. We can add compost, making it cheaper than pre-made potting mix. Plus, we can get organic materials.  

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Make the potting mix

The bottom of each tomato planting hole gets a little extra TLC. The mix is a garden casserole. It changes based on our revisions.   

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Add tomato-boosting amendment

Determinate tomatoes are bushier, shorter plants with one fruit crop. These compact plants are easier to manage in containers than vining indeterminates, which can grow over eight feet.  

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Plant the tomato

Place your tomato box inside the pot around the plant. It will keep the plant's leaves and flowers off the ground and help it grow.  

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Add Support

Containers dry out faster than in-ground plants. Check the container regularly. With our container near a raised bed, we can water both at once.  

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A couple inches of mulch on top of your container can help retain moisture. We use shredded leaves. You may also use pine needles, straw, or shredded paper. Layer it over dirt.  

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Add Mulch

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