Does a Ladybug Have Special Meaning or Symbolism? 

What does seeing a ladybug mean? Do they have luck? Find out the significance of ladybugs, their symbolism, and what to do if one lands on you.  

What does a ladybug's appearance indicate? For various people, a ladybug can mean many different things. Some people believe that seeing a ladybug portends luck.   


Ladybugs can also indicate family growth in addition to conception and rebirth. Ladybugs symbolize love, whether the relationship is new or ongoing. Ladybugs symbolize rebirth and positive change.  


Good fortune is arguably the most common connotation ladybugs have. For millennia, there has been a correlation between these spotted insects and good fortune, with numerous ancient tribes holding this belief.  


Basically, the superstition is that you will have as many years of good fortune as the ladybug has spots on you (so perhaps it will be a particularly polka-dotted one!).  


When a ladybug lands on you, you can make your wishes come true simply thinking about what you would like to happen. It's kind of like wishing upon a star. Perhaps it's just the efficacy of optimistic thinking.  


Not surprisingly, the opposite view is also widely held. It's said that squashing ladybugs can bring misfortune, so you might wish to avoid hitting them.  


I enjoyed some of the sunflowers I picked in my backyard inside. You can only imagine how happy I was to find a ladybug had made her way inside.  


Ladybugs are said to bring good luck, and perhaps this is true given how fortunate I was to obtain this picture, says Dawn Buchanan.  


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