Don’t Plant These Popular Flowers If You’re Trying To Attract Hummingbirds To Your Yard 

Coneflowers, a garden perennial, attract many pollinators such as birds, bees, and butterflies. Some have never seen hummers feast from these enormous, magnificent blossoms.


Red oriental poppies may attract hummingbirds to your yard because they love red flowers. Hummers don't usually visit this flower, possibly because it's not tubular.  

Oriental poppies

Some say irises attract hummingbirds, but others have never seen them. Perhaps the faint blueish-purple colour can't compete with vivacious garden blooms.   


Tulips are popular in gardens because to their diverse colours and spectacular globular blooms, but hummingbirds don't like them.  


Stop putting roses in your garden to attract hummingbirds. Even though they're red, birds don't like them because they have little nectar.  


We love this flower in bouquets, but hungry hummingbirds don't eat it. Hummingbirds presumably don't like peony because of their form.   


Gardeners love these cheerful spring blooms, but hummingbirds don't. Yellow flowers aren't attractive to hummingbirds and don't have much nectar.  


There's debate about whether sunflowers attract hummingbirds. Hummingbirds may not be drawn to these blooms due to their yellow colour, which they do not naturally prefer.  


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