Gina Torres Previews What to Expect in 'Suits' Spinoff

A year later, Gina Torres plays the stylishly feisty former hotshot power attorney in Pearson, the Suits spinoff. The Wednesday-premiere series follows Jessica from NYC law to harsh Chicago politics. Jessica is hired as Mayor Bobby Novak's fixer, putting her in a dishonest world where every decision has far-reaching consequences that weigh her ambition against doing the right thing. 

People will see Jessica's difficult process. We see she hasn't requested anything professionally or personally in a while. I'm most excited about exploring her personal life and seeing how she knew what she wanted and steamrolled over others for what she always believed was the greater good and her firm's gain. 

ET spoke with Torres at the start of the year about the Suits spinoff, why it took her so long to return as Jessica Pearson, and whether she'll return for the final season.

Gina Torres: Not the easiest business. As a young actor, you'll do everything to work. If you can keep working and advance your career, you have additional chances. If you're known for understanding what you're doing or being a specific way, you keep building.

Gina Torres:I'm amazed to be able to look back because as an actor, you're always thinking, "What's next?" I'm amazed at what I've accomplished and the personalities I've played.

Age makes you think "Wow, cool. Good stuff. Earning well. Industry peers respect me. Bringing up family. Do what I love." You still want the dream, but you're not chasing it. Producing was my continual goal. I focused on what stories I wanted to see rather than what to do next.

Pearson's passion to tell her story drove her. I use these terms with other manufacturers. Like Gina Torres' absent. Not a Gina Torres automobile. This is Jessica's tale. My first project is telling the story of a figure I've always loved and admired. Nice and organic.

The article included her clothes, not her budget because it's none of my concern. It was her other side. Her money and New York attorney status protect her. She's boss. She dresses for herself as she reports to no one. Jessica Pearson looked different.

We want her there. We want her to descend from that lofty air and discover her potential. Important and necessary. She'll fight since she doesn't know all the tricks. She doesn't know where she stands. Some wins, some losses, but it will be entertaining to see her move around.

Most likely. The universe is the same. Eclipses. Yes, we pass through, but not always. We know my origins. I wouldn't pretend those seven years didn't happen or that I'm not with those folks. However, I cannot specify how, when, or how often.

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